Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Here’s How Sheikh Mohammed Rewarded A Policeman For Helping A Stranded Family

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Ruler and Prime Minister of UAE, praised Salem Al Badawi, an Emirati policeman for his generous move to help a stranded family.

Car break-down almost ruined a family’s holiday plans

Fateh, a Syrian national, was heading to Oman with his family to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. Their journey came to a halt when their car broke down at the Hatta check-point border around 7 am. Fateh found out that his car’s radiator was broken, which almost ruined their Eid vacation plans because they would’ve had to return back to Dubai.

Salem offered his car so Fateh’s family can enjoy Eid

While Fateh was checking on his car, officer Al Badawi arrived at the scene offering help to Fateh’s car. Since it was the Eid public holidays, all of Al Badawi’s calls to the mechanics were unanswered and the only solution was for the family to return to Dubai by taxi. Within a few moments, the officer made an offer which Fateh was unable to believe, to use his car to Oman and repair the car upon their return once he drops his family in Dubai. Al Badawi then took his family to his home in Hatta, giving Fateh the car keys to a Toyota Land Cruiser and his vehicle license.

Sheikh Mohammed rewarded Al Badawi with a job promotion

Fateh shared the incident on a radio show, Al Ba’ath praising Al Badawi’s generosity, who didn’t accept any payments from Fateh besides for the spare parts. The good news reached out to Sheikh Mohammed, who ordered for a job promotion for Al Badawi, from an officer to a first-rank officer. Al Badawi also responded to Sheikh Mohammed’s praise, saying “”My actions were simply a response that stems from Emirati values, manners and culture, the sons of Zayed… who taught us the meaning of kindness, chivalry, and giving people the benefit of the doubt and acting out of our best intentions.”