Hazza Al Mansoori UAE International Space Station

Here’s How the UAE Looks From the International Space Station

The UAE’s very own astronaut, Hazzaa AlMansoori shared a stunning image of what our country looks like from the International Space Station.

Check out the images Hazzaa posted

The Emirati Astro took to Twitter to share an image of the UAE from the International Space Station with his 71,200+ followers. Check it out:

He even shared a couple of mesmerizing images of Mecca and North Africa. Take a look:


North Africa

Hazzaa AlMansoori dons a kandura at the ISS

In a first for space fashion, AlMansoori wore a kandura as he shared, “A part of our Emirati culture with the crew aboard the ISS”. Fun fact, ahead of his hotly anticipated voyage, The Space Food Laboratory prepared traditional halal meals for him.

Heartwarming message about making it into space

“From here, everything from Liwa Dunes began in the Empty Quarter. I looked at the clouds and dreamed of becoming a pilot, looked at the stars and dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Today I look at you, my country from the other side and dream of returning to you to accept your immaculate soil after the mission is nearing completion.”

Hazzaa AlMansoori

And on a final note, is this not the coolest selfie ever?

You can check out more about what AlMansoori is up to by following him on Twitter.

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