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Here’s The Reason Behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s Global Technical Glitch

Facebook and its core family, WhatsApp and Instagram, were affected by a worldwide technical glitch for 12 hours yesterday. 

Technical Glitch

Thousands of social media users were hit by an outage yesterday, on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The glitch affected users uploading and downloading files, be it images, voice notes, or videos. Facebook addressed the disruption instantly, sorting it out within 12 hours.

Meanwhile, millenial Twitter users are having a laugh at Facebook’s technical glitch.

Glitch after website security fault

Cloudflare, a website performance and security provider for Facebook, claims they suffered an outage due to bad software deploy. They say, “For about 30 minutes today, visitors to Cloudflare sites received 502 errors caused by a massive spike in CPU utilization on our network. This CPU spike was caused by a bad software deploy that was rolled back. Once rolled back the service returned to normal operation and all domains using Cloudflare returned to normal traffic levels.”

Facebook glitches are becoming more common

Facebook had its worst technical glitch last March. Features like direct messaging, stories and uploading images stopped working for an entire day. The social media mogul claims the servers were down because of “a server configuration change.” Another outage happened last December, because of a bug.