Image credit: Khaleej Time

HH Sheikh Mohammad Rescued Tourists Stranded In The Desert

Stranded in a desert in Dubai, the group were saved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as he offered to tow their car to a road.

HH Sheikh Mohammad has helped UAE residents in the past

Two years ago, the Ruler of Dubai helped three women get a cycle repaired in Qudra. Among the three women cycling, one’s cycle got damaged and with less power in their phone, they were unable to call the cycle rental service for assistance. The group were in a tough situation until HH Sheikh Mohammad co incidentally was nearby and offered them help.

Crown Prince HH Sheikh Hamdan often has helped UAE Residents too

Last year, a video went viral across the country of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan towing a lorry with the help of a pick up. Also, on International Volunteers Day last year, Fazza took the initiative to collect waste from the Arabian sea along with school kids.

HH Sheikh Mohammad actively contributes to charity and donations.

Many initiatives and non profit organizations have greatly benefited by the kind donations of Sheikh Mohammed. Last year, the ruler helped in funding the Godolphin Cross church in Cornwall and awarded Dhs 5 million to five winners for the ‘Arab Hope Maker’, recognizing unsung Arab heroes.