High tech microchip manicures now available in Dubai
High tech microchip manicures now available in Dubai

High tech Smart Nail microchip manicures now available in Dubai

A Dubai beauty salon has launched a microchip manicure which can hold personal details or your digital business card.

Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai World Trade Centre now offer the Smart Nail manicure.

They place a tiny microchip on your fingernail which is then covered in nail polish.

The microchip manicure uses similar technology to your smartphone and contactless payment cards. And it couldn’t be simpler to use. Just touch your nail onto your smart phone and it’ll register the information stored on there.

Due to its size, you can’t store much information. But you could store a digital business card, your WhatsApp details or your social media handles.

And the company hope it could be developed in the future so that it could be used as a means of payment and for data storage.

You can be jailed for six months and fined AED5,000 for insulting people

Staying in the digital world, the UAE Public Prosecution has confirmed that insulting people in the UAE using your phone can result in six month’s jail and a fine of AED5,000.

The message was shared via their Twitter account. And it reminds people to think twice before insulting anyone.

And that means insulting people by SMS, WhatsApp, on a phone call or in person.