Death Valley hottest place on the earth
Death Valley hottest place on the earth

Highest temperature recorded on earth and it’s not in Dubai!

We might think Dubai is the hottest place on the planet, but it’s officially not as Death Valley in America hit a temperature of 54.4C yesterday.

The aptly-named location in America hit the mercury-busting temperature yesterday amid a heatwave on America’s west coast.

The record is currently being verified by the US National Weather Service. A higher temperature has been previously recorded but has been widely disputed.

The current temperature does put Dubai in the shade, however. In comparison, the maximum forecast temperature in Dubai for this week is just 44C.

We can compete historically, however. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was 52.1C in 2002.

Temperatures on the rise

Worryingly for Americans, the heat-wave is set to continue this week and temperatures could rise even higher.

The scorching weather has led to two days of blackouts in California after a power plant malfunctioned in the heat.

“It’s an oppressive heat and it’s in your face,” Brandi Stewart from Death Valley National Park told the BBC.

“When you walk outside it’s like being hit in the face with a bunch of hairdryers,” she said. “You feel the heat and it’s like walking into an oven and the heat is just all around you.”

We at DubaiLAD feel your pain Brandi, we really, really do.