FIFA World Cup
Photograph credit: Sputnik International

Hit The Road Jack: You Won’t Believe How This Fan Made It To Moscow For The FIFA World Cup

Football has witnessed some extreme superfans this year as the most anticipated sporting event of the year; FIFA World Cup takes place and this 70-year-old German retiree, Hubert Wirth unquestionably tops the superfan list.

Wirth travelled all the way from Germany by road

People like Hubert Wirth totally prove that age is just a number! The 70-year-old retired German started his journey from his hometown, Pforzheim in Germany and took a month to reach Moscow, according to Russian news outlet Sputnik news. However, the journey hasn’t ended yet. Wirth plans to drive to St. Petersburg too and experience to World Cup there.

Not even a vehicle, Wirth drove a tractor

Could it get anymore startling? The 70-year-old fan drove all the way in a 1936 Lanz Bulldog tractor along with his pet dog ‘Hexe’ to cross Poland and Belarus, clocking 2,500 kilometres. Along with the tractor, he’s attached it with a tiny wooden house and plenty of World Cup-themed decorations, the front-most poster reads ‘Hello Moscow!’.

Photograph credit: The Moscow Times

Germany will play its first match against Mexico

Part of Group D, Germany will be playing against Mexico, Sweden and South Korea. With a team consisting of star players like Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller, Jerome Boateng and Marco Reus, the defending champion team is among the five favourites to win the World Cup, including France, Argentina, Spain and Brazil.

Photograph credit: Sportskeeda

Football craze is going on across the world

Not only Wirth, but many other football fans have done something to prove that Football is more than just a sport. One such fan is Shib Shankar Patra, a die-hard Argentina fan who painted his entire building in the colours of Argentina’s football jersey. The fan, in fact, works as a tea seller in India and started off by saving money to travel to Moscow. Although it didn’t happen, he used his saved money to paint his building.

Photograph credit: The Quint