Hope probe releases first photo of Mars - and it's stunning
Hope probe releases first photo of Mars - and it's stunning

Hope probe releases the first photo of Mars – and it’s stunning

After successfully entering the Mars atmosphere earlier this week, the Hope Probe has released the first images of Mars.

And it’s absolutely stunning!

HH Sheikh Mohammed was one of the first to share the image. The photo was taken from 25,000km above the surface of Mars. And it shows the planet half-bathed in sunshine set against the enormity of the dark universe.

The probe was launched in July 2020 and entered a Mars orbit on February 9.

The probe is set to take 1,000GB of data on the Mars weather system including daily and seasonal changes. And once the data is collected over two years, it will be shared for free with over 200 academic and scientific institutions for free.

UAE visitors to get ‘Martian Ink’ passport stamp on arrival

The UAE was quick to celebrate the historic arrival of the Hope probe in the Mars orbit by giving UAE visitors a ‘Martian Ink’ stamp on arrival.

Visitors coming into the country will have their passport stamped with a very cool Martian Ink. And – cool geek out alert – the ink is apparently made from the same rocks as those found on Mars.

The special stamp reads ‘You’ve arrived in the Emirates. The Emirates is arriving at Mars on 09.02.2021.’ And it also includes the country’s famous phrase ‘Impossible is Possible’.

The limited-edition ink is made from volcanic red rocks, very similar to the ones found on Mars.