Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office and Dubai Airports

Recent Claims Of A Drone Attack On Dubai Airport Clarified As Fake News

Biased media from the religious -political Houthi movement claimed there was a drone attack on Dubai International Airport (DXB).

No disruptions to air traffic

Houthi media’s claims promoted unsafety, which UAE General Civil Aviation Authority denied releasing a statement: “Air traffic movement in the UAE is normal with no disruptions; Houthi media claims regarding Dubai International Airport are untrue”, reaffirming that air traffic is safe and under control.

Photograph credit: Dubai Airports

Severe fines for spreading fake news

Houthi media’s false claims also come as a warning for spreading fake news via social media in the region which can lead to a fine worth up to Dhs1 million. UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority warn, “Remember that not everything you read on social media is true, some are just rumours that can cause harm to others or the state”.

Recently, false claims were made on a tourist’s deportation case in DXB

Foreign press wrongly covered the case of a Swedish tourist who got deported within a day at the airport recently. Ellie Hollman, the Swedish tourist with dual nationality(Iran) flew from London to Dubai with her daughter and wasn’t allowed to pass the immigration because her Swedish passport was expired. She then showed her Iranian passport, which was valid and was given a transit tourist visa. However, she reportedly became enraged, insulting the immigration officer and documenting the incident because of the additional fee she will have to pay for her return ticket.

Both Ellie and her daughter were rushed to the airport security office.

Ellie was faced with two charges, for profanity and for taking photographs of a government official in a restricted. However, in less than 24 hours, her father arrived at the airport to receive his daughter and depart from Dubai and soon, prosecutors decided to drop charges against her and to deport her instead. This was the reality, but the reason for her deportation was wrongly reported by foreign press, claiming that she was deported for drinking alcohol on her flight.

Photograph credit: Ellie Holman Botox