du tough mudder
Photograph credit: du Tough Mudder

How To Prepare For Du Tough Mudder In Two Weeks

If you haven’t heard about the du Tough Mudder by now, you must be living under a rock! It’s the ultimate challenge with a line-up of 26 obstacles to test your grit and agility from Friday, 7th December-Saturday, 8th December. With the race coming to Dubai in two weeks, we’ve come up with a rundown of best practices and workout routines to help you prepare for the course.

Days 1-4

To begin with, day one involves a lot of high-intensity workouts. Start with ten rounds of 15 sit-ups, 20 squats and 25 sit-ups. The next day, all you have to do is run for half an hour. On day three, complete 150 dumbbell thrusters and five burpees every minute while you’re at the gym. The next day, relax by taking a walk.

Days 5-7

Build up your fitness on day five with high-intensity workouts again. Begin with four rounds of ten pull-ups, ten dumbbell shoulder presses, ten kettlebell lifts and 20 kettlebell swings. You may want to plan day six early, to run 400 metres eight times at different times of the day. Take rest on day seven as the weekend arrives.

Days 8-11

Get yourself back on the grind on day eight with a 12 minute cardio session at home. Within 12 minutes, challenge yourself to eight overhead lunges (each side), 20 squats and ten push-ups. On day nine, run for just half an hour. What’s next, day ten is going to be a killer session, with 300 front rack dumbbell lunges. Don’t make it too harsh on your body, however. Maintain a rule doing 30 seconds exercise and 30 seconds of rest. On day 11, take time off to hit the beach and play in the sand.

Days 12-14

By now, we bet you’d be in decent shape and ready to take on the obstacle course. There is still more preparation to get through. Day 12 will be a 10-minute circuit including a mix of weight and cardio. Challenge yourself to complete ten thrusters; ten kettlebell sings, 20 wall balls and 20 sit-ups. What’s next, plan day 13 in advance, to rerun 400 metres eight times throughout the day. On the final day, rest yourself and flex your brain by doing a crossword or a puzzle.

Du Tough Mudder takes place on 7th-8th December

Mark your calendar. du Tough Mudder takes place at Hamdan Sports Complex from Friday, 7th December-8th December. The high-octane obstacle course features a line-up of 26 challenges. Tickets are priced between Dhs 450-Dhs 560. There’s the Mini Mudder for the little ones too, priced at Dhs45. Click here for more information.