Earth Hour Dubai
Earth Hour Dubai

How you can get involved in Earth Hour 2020 Dubai

Earth Hour 2020 is here once again on Saturday, March 28, and now, more than ever, is a great time to get involved in Dubai.

Since launching in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global event. Last year, more than 7,000 cities across 87 countries got involved. And we’ve got the info on how you can too this year.

The WWF plan involves a one-hour shut down where you turn off your lights, turn off the TV and save energy however you can. The event is all about raising awareness for environmental issues and sustainability. And as we’ve seen in the last month, those issues are crucial to our well-being.

And with most of the nation in lockdown, those measures will have a big effect this year. This is what happened last year as part of the measures.

Shut down at 8.30pm this Saturday

The global switch-off occurs at 8.30 pm across the world. And you can get involved by signing up to for updates, advice and suggestions.

Alternatively, you can save your broadband connection by calling 04 601 9999.

As the site says, ‘We are the last generation that can do something about Climate Change.’ So with the world on shut down right now, helping raise global issues about the environment can only be a good thing.

See you at 8.30 pm this Saturday in the dark!

And while we’re all hunkering through the Coronavirus, here’s some inspirational words from our leaders to get you through.