UAE gas reserves found
UAE gas reserves found

Huge gas reserves found in the UAE!

UAE firm ADNOC says it’s found huge gas reserves of around 80 trillion cubic feet of shallow gas in the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

And the find could lead to the UAE being fully self-sufficient when it comes to oil and gas reserves by 2030.

Biggest find for over 15 years

If confirmed, it would be the world’s largest natural gas discovery since 2005.

The shallow gas field covers 5,000 square kilometres between Dubai and Dhabi. And the fact it’s a shallow reserve means it’s easier and cheaper to access.

While the UAE is home to some of the biggest gas deposits in the world, this is the first time ADNOC has looked in Dubai. They used 10 wells to find the source. And they’ll use a mix of ‘standard and unconventional drilling techniques’ to pump out the fuel.

The UAE currently imports some of its gas via the Dolphin Pipeline from Qatar to meet its power needs.

Which means the new finds across the UAE should help the country reach its goal of self-sufficiency. Over time, it could also become a net gas exporter.

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