4th Element Escape Room

Hungarian Games – Do You Have What it Takes to Escape?

The popular craze of escape games, hailing from Budapest, is here in Dubai. The concept is simple, but the task is not. Find your way out of brain teasing situations inside interactive escape rooms.

Get together, get locked in and get out

Perfect for friends, families and colleagues looking for a challenging team activity, the escape rooms at Hungarian Games can be played by groups of 2 to 6 people at a time. The very first, original escape room has even been replicated here in Dubai, so you can experience the game in true Hungarian style.

From 18th October, there’s going to be a new room open to players. ‘Jail Break’ will see you working as prisoners making a bid for freedom. In the meantime, these other thrilling rooms are waiting to test you:

Haunted Room – a creepy place that houses the tortured souls of victims of experiments. To save yourself from being trapped in there with them, you’ll need to work out what led to their unfortunate demise. While you frantically work with your team to discover the answers, you’ll have to handle the frightening reminders that you’re not alone. Cold breaths, sinister voices and the clock constantly ticking away will get the panic rising as you try to focus on your escape.

Studio 113 – On entering Studio 113, you discover that you have a split personality that you can’t get away from unless you escape the room. You’ll have to face the dark horrors that have manifested from your dark side. If you can’t put them right, you’ll be trapped inside forever, with you just you and your twisted alter ego.

4th Element – You’ll venture beneath the waves for this pirate inspired escape room. Being a super pirate means you can see and breathe underwater. Useful skills to have when your quest is to retrieve treasure from the Lost City of Atlantis within 60 minutes. Hurry because the Atlantis Warriors are on their way back from a staycay on the Palm!

Crime Scene – As some of the best private investigators in the business, it’s your job to get to the bottom of a murder. The only problem is the corrupt police officers who are also on their way to the scene. You and your team will have to solve the case within 60 minutes, or justice may never be served.

Team building, the Hungarian way

The idea behind the Hungarian Games is not just to scare the hell out of you. It’s the belief that your inner strength and abilities improve under stress, making the games a great morale boosting activity for teams. Besides being trapped in a room, you can take up a spot of virtual golf, enjoy outdoor challenges, discover your inner artist with painting tasks and grab a bite to eat in the Scandinavian café.

On October 18 Hungarian Games, will be hosting a launch event for the new Jail Break room. From 2pm to 6pm, you’ll get to try out the rooms along with the other activities on offer. There’s also going to be great food and giveaways.

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Hungarian Games is located at Warehouse no.35 Al Quoz Ind. area 1 Dubai. Phone: +971 43 21 4843 / +971 54 446 7008

Email: info@hungariangames.com

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