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Hurray! Residents Can Now Get Visa On Arrival To This Beautiful European Country

Good news UAE residents! You can now travel to this phenomenal eastern European without any visa requirements or formalities.

You can now travel to Azerbaijan with visa on arrival

UAE’s embassy in Baku announced the news on Twitter. People in UAE with a valid residence visa are eligible for a month-long tourist visa at Azerbaijan, known for its scenic mountains, poetry, tea and its architecture. In fact, since last year, its capital, Baku has been the host of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, hosting the world’s greatest racers.

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Holiday season coming up this August

Next month, there are going to be three public holidays, starting with one public holiday for Arafat Day on August 21st and two public holidays for Eid Al Adha, on August 22nd and 23rd. What’s more, the best part is that the three public holidays will be followed with the weekend, meaning it’s going to be a five day-long weekend!

Holiday Date(s) Day(s) No. of holiday(s)
Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj(Ascension Day) April 13th Friday 1
Eid Al-Fitr June 15th and 16th Friday and Saturday 2
Arafat Day August 21st Tuesday 1
Eid Al-Adha August 22nd and 23rd Wednesday and Thursday 2
Al Hijri-Islamic New Year September 11th Tuesday 1
Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday November 20th Tuesday 1
Commemoration Day November 30th Friday 1
UAE National Day December 2nd Sunday 1


Nine countries are offering visa on arrival for residents

For UAE residents, there are nine countries and most of South America providing visas on arrival: Armenia, Indonesia, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Georgia, a tourist hot spot for UAE residents lately. However, visas may depend on your nationality and you may want to check on their websites to see whether your nationality is eligible for attaining it on arrival.

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Caution: There’s a travel ban on a part of Azerbaijan

Beware, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation(MOFAIC) issued a travel warning to Emiratis, on 12 countries and a travel ban on two countries: Qatar and Lebanon and on the Karabakh conflict zone between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It has been an ethnic and territorial conflict between the neighbouring countries going on since 1988. You can check the countries list for travel warning here:

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