Boracay Beach

Hurry, Dubai! Emirates sale set to end soon

January rains in Dubai getting you down? Then check out the Emirates sale for amazing flight deals until Thursday January 23.

Emirates flight sale on until January 23

There are many, many great things about living in Dubai. And one of them is that we’re blessed with excellent airlines that connect us to some amazing destinations on our doorstep.

And Emirates have made that Dubai benefit even bigger as they’ve announced a huge sale on their fares.

Fancy a weekend in Mumbai for Dhs875? Or a trip to Cairo to check out the pyramids for Dhs1,295? Or how about taking in the sights of Manilla (with a trip to the idyllic Boracay Beach thrown in for good measure)? Yours for Dhs1,815. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to put a price on the view below…

Flights need to be booked by November 30

The Emirates Dubai sale runs until January 23 and all flights booked need to be taken before Monday November 30

Other deals on their site include Moscow for Dhs1,995, Bangkok for Dhs2,235, London for Dhs2,245, Tokyo for Dhs4,225 and New York for Dhs4,295.

And Vegans are in for a double treat if you book a flight for January. Emirates recently announced their special Veganuary menu including Shitake Ravioli and Ancho three-bean chilli. Sign us up!