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IHOP Got Roasted Over Its Rebranding And It’s Turning Into An Identity Crisis

Burger King, Wendys, Chili’s and almost every major burger outlet are on a non-stop trolling spree over IHOP for its rebranding and it’s turned into an amusing roast of the pancakes outlet.

IHOP’s rebranding was to introduce a new range of burgers

Viral marketing turned out insane for IHOP after they temporarily changed their name to ‘IHOB’, which now is ‘International House of Burgers.’ The purpose of rebranding was to introduce a new product range of burgers, but it turned into an identity crisis when major burger brands decided to roast IHOB and it wasn’t expected that their campaign would create a bid deal. In an interview with New York Times. An IHOB spokesperson said “We thought that people would have fun with this, but never did we imagine that it would grab the attention of America the way it did,”

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Wendy’s and Chili’s had the most savage responses to IHOB

By the looks on their Twitter handle, sarcasm runs among the marketing team at Wendy’s! Soon after the IHOB rebranding was official, Wendys had a savage remark comparing the pancake outlet to seven-year-old children setting up a username online. They tweeted “Remember when you were like 7 and thought changing your name to Thunder BearSword would be super cool? Like that, but our cheeseburgers are still better.” On the other side, Chili’s too joined the roast, showing what a real burger looks like.

Burger King went beyond the ordinary with its own rebranding

Setting the benchmark for this mockery, when the news broke out, on June 11th, Burger King took the roast to the next level by rebranding itself to ‘Pancake King’ and it was uploaded on their Twitter and Facebook handles. Even Whataburger joined the roast, tweeting “As much as we love our pancakes, we’d never change our name to Whatapancake.” What’s interesting, though, is that out of all the burger giants, the biggest of ’em, McDonald’s didn’t join the fun.

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