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“I’m Not Even Halfway There Yet”, Says YouTuber Who Watched ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ 48 Times

Marvel Studios’ ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is still running in cinemas even after spending one and a half months at the box office and thanks to its dedicated fans like Nem, the superhero film is close to earning $2 billion worldwide.

Continuing the film spree could turn into a “world record”

In an email interview with Tony ‘Nem’ Mitchell, who’s also a YouTuber and now identifies himself as ‘Nem: The Infinity Watcher’ for the global attention he received, has a target which he believes could set a world record. He said “”Once I saw it the first time, I knew I would be watching it over and over again. Now it’s just a habitual thing I do daily. Since I’ve come this far, I might as well set a world record. I have a set number in mind, and I’m not even halfway there yet.”

Watching ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ 48 times is the “craziest thing” he’s done

Similar to his film-going spree, Nem is no stranger to unusual stints or activities, according to his family and friends. When asked about how they reacted to the stint, Nem said “They all know I do wild and out-of-the-norm activities, so they’re not at all surprised at what I’m trying to achieve. Although, I think this may be the craziest thing I’ve done.”

Not only did kids tear up at the end of the film

While watching the superhero film on repeat, he found out that not only kids but adults too were seen crying after the events in the end of the film(which is totally normal). He said “Over the years, fans have grown emotional attachments to a lot of the characters in the film. Every single time I watch this movie, someone yells out “No!” or “Is that it?” at the end of the film. Some kids cry. I’ve even seen some adults tear up.” He also described an experience where a person “stomped out” and “threw his drink on the floor” after the film got over.

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Nem’s Marvel fanboying goes back to the X-Men animated series

Before Marvel Cinematic Universe was even a thing, the X-Men animated series was what got Nem into Marvel and he went on to read its comics and often make some of his own. He said “I’ve been a Marvel fan ever since the 90’s. I used to watch X-men the Animated series. That’s when I fell in love. Soon after, I started reading comics, and even drew a couple on my own.”

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Film spree is now taking him places, including an invite for Avengers 4

Soon after his tweets posting images of himself and counting down the number of times he’s watching the film went viral, it managed the catch the attention of the directors, Russo Brothers, who followed him on Twitter and invited him to the set and for the premier, which he described as “one thing of the bucket list.” He said “Although I have huge respect and adoration for everyone involved, I’d love to meet Stan Lee, Chadwick Boseman, or Josh Brolin. I assume I’m going to be meeting the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, so there’s one thing off the bucket list.”

I love what they’ve done so far with the Marvel universe. I’d also like to give a handshake to the writers Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely. They all did an awesome job.”