Photograph credit: YouTube

Injured Emirati Biker Gets Airlifted From The Middle Of Nazwa Desert

Rescue crews from the Ministry of Interior helped airlift a biker who sustained multiple injuries while riding his dirt bike in the middle of Sharjah’s Nazwa desert.

Biker sustained multiple injuries

While riding his dirt bike on the dunes of Nazwa desert in Sharjah, the biker, identified as a UAE national in his twenties, crashed and sustained multiple injuries. With help from nearby dirt bike riders in the desert, they contacted rescue crews from the Air Wing Department in the General Directorate of Security Support at the Ministry of Interior to save the biker.

Rescue crews save the Emirati biker

In a video shared by Ministry of Interior, the rescue crew flew to the desert in an air ambulance and located the injured biker. The crew of three offered pre-hospital treatment and dirt bike riders volunteered to lift the biker on to a spinal board. In the end, the biker was taken to hospital for treatment.

Barriers set up in Sharjah desert

Off-roading, being one of the most popular activities in the UAE, has often witnessed fatal accidents. In an attempt to reduce the level of accidents, Sharjah Police announced the installation of trenches as barriers to prevent reckless driving. Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak Bin Amer, deputy commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police explained: “These measures have been taken as a result of a number of accidents in which many young people have sustained serious injuries that could have led to their deaths.”