Model Instagram followers ditch break up
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Instagram Model Ditches Boyfriend Fearing She Might Lose Followers

A self-proclaimed model ditched her boyfriend fearing she might lose followers on Instagram if she posts pictures of them together.

Model ditched her boyfriend over fear of losing followers on Instagram

Recently, the model and her boyfriend flew to Mexico for a vacation. Like any couple, they took pictures together and were having a good time.

Things got out of hand when the boyfriend asked her to post a photo of them together on her Instagram account, which boasts of 450,000 followers. Refusing to do so, she claims she would lose on sponsored posts and have lower post engagement rates.

Model Instagram followers ditch break up

Photograph credit: PxHere

She wants to keep her account “separate”

She posted about her break up on Reddit, saying, “We can take as many private pics as he likes, we can do pics of us hiking, laying by the pool, I don’t care but I need to keep my (Instagram) separate.”

It’s the way her “job” works

What’s more, the model claims she can’t make a buck by posting pictures with her boyfriend. She says, “It’s just a fact. I need these pics from this vacation to be able to sell stuff. It’s just the way my ‘job’ works.”

“I’m really upset because I paid for this entire vacation only to be ignored,” she adds.

Boyfriend stranded in Tulum

If you’ve ever been dumped after a party or a date, be glad you have a house to go and got your lads to cheer you up. It’s a sorry-state for her boyfriend, whom she left mid-vacation, and now, he’s paying for his stay in Tulum and for his flight back home.