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That’s right star-gazers, the International Space Station will be flying across Dubai tonight and you’ll be able to see it around 8 pm.

Amazingly, the ISS will be visible with the naked eye. Although, let’s all keep our fingers crossed for clear skies!

The International Space Station is set to fly over Dubai at 7.52 pm at around 28,000 kilometres per hour. And according to NASA, it will be the third-brightest object in the sky following the sun and the moon.

Keep an eye out for a fast-moving star or plane – that’s almost certainly going to be the International Space Station on one of its 16 daily orbits.

And let’s not forget, looking up is only part of the fun.

This picture from the ISS looking down at Dubai is breathtaking. It was recently captured by NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy during a flyby on the International Space Station.

Dubai from space photos
Dubai from space photos

And we have to mention Hazza Al Mansouri in this piece. The UAE’s first man in space, Al Mansouri spent eight days on board the ISS last year.

While there, he notched up a number of inter-galactic firsts including the first Emirati in space, the first to give a tour of the ISS in Arabic. And the first to eat Arabic food in space. Which, we can all agree, is legendary behaviour.

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