Interview: DJ Andrea Oliva Talks Ibiza, ANTS and Dubai’s DJ Circuit

DJ Andrea Oliva will steer tonight’s ANTS party at Soho Beach DXB and we caught up with him, talking about the Ibiza’s party scene, his involvement in ANTS and the local DJ circuit. The man can be attributed to much of the ANTS underground party explosion since its inception.

Welcome to Dubai, Andrea! Do you have any fond memories from previous gigs in the city?

I have to say I always have a lot of fun playing in Dubai lately – the scene is growing fast and it has become a really exciting city to play!

Tell us about your beginnings as a DJ, from your days at the vinyl store in Switzerland

I’ve grown up with electronic music here in Switzerland. Working in record distribution, a record store and also as a promoter – it was a great time and I am very glad I had the chance to grow up in a country with such a musical culture!

What is a day in the life of Andrea Oliva like?

If I am not travelling to a gig or resting after a gig a day then it would include for sure some sport, studio time or visiting family and friends!

How do you see Ibiza as a destination for techno and house music?

Ibiza does still influence our scene big time. It sets trends and showcases the biggest talent in the world!

We’ve learned you prefer spending time in the studio at midnight, why is that?

I like to work in the studio knowing I have no rush and be all by myself while everyone else is sleeping

How did your ANTS collaboration begin?

I’m very proud to say I’ve been involved from the very beginning of the idea right up until today’s evolution of the brand! There is nothing better than seeing a project you’re involved in since day one becoming as successful as it is now.

What’s your take on Dubai’s DJ circuit?

I would love to see more locals getting active – labels, producers, brands…the international artists are still taking too much of the whole thing in Dubai if you ask me! Promoters need to invest more in local artists who are fundamental to every local scene – it’s not always about a headliner or an international guest!

Lastly, what are your expectations from the upcoming ANTS party at Soho Beach?

The last ANTS was fantastic. I expect a great party full of good vibes!