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Interview: Hannah Wants On Her New Label ‘Etiquette,’ International Touring And Past As A Footballer

Birmingham-based producer and DJ Mag’s ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ recipient Hannah Wants is headed to Dubai, playing a set at Skyline Thursdays at The Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. We had the chance to chat with the DJ about her beginnings as a Footballer, life as a busy DJ and her new label, Etiquette.

You’ve got an interesting background-from playing professional Football for England youth teams to becoming a DJ. How did you break into the scene?

Y’know I can’t provide a specific breakthrough moment, it just happened organically and over years of working on my passion on a daily basis. I think one of the more pivotal moments though would have to be when I spent the summer in Ibiza in 2010 during my uni summer break. I was able to network and take part in competitions. Overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely helped build my name when I returned as I returned with a UK residency and with a bigger fanbase.

You’re both a DJ and Producer is there one art form you love most?

I’m forever gonna be a DJ first and foremost, that’s what I fell in love with first at the age of 16/17. Standing behind those decks DJ’ing is where I feel my happiest for sure.

How are you finding your international schedule and where is your favourite place to play?

I love the international side of my job. I’m grateful to be able to travel the world, play music to ravers across the earth for a living and experience different countries, cities and cultures. As for a favourite place I’m not sure I could pick just one, it’s literally impossible as there are so many amazing places around the world. For different reasons, a couple of places that stand out would be Toronto, Chicago and my hometown of Birmingham.

Tell us about your label, ‘Etiquette’ and the type of artists you plan to sign

Running my own record label was something that I always wanted to do but I’m a big believer in executing things at the right time, it also takes a lot of planning of behind the scenes work. Etiquette’s music policy falls under the umbrella ‘house and bass’… it’s not your harder bass music but instead, bass influenced music across the wide and varying house music spectrum.

As for the type of artists we plan to sign, we just released a Heads Up EP from one of my favourite producers Kevin Knapp, his beats are killa and I’m definitely hoping it’s not the last of him we hear on the label! We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline so I’m just gonna say to go follow the our_etiquette insta and twitter pages and hold tight for the fire!

Which artist does Hannah Wants think we need to be checkin’ out right now?

I’m gonna give a DJ recommendation here and say Fleur Shore. She won my DJ competition a couple of years ago and I was so impressed I invited her back again to warm up for me on my 2019 UK & Ireland tour earlier this year, she has a very unique sound if you like your music on a more minimal tip. I really enjoy her sets!

Don’t miss Hannah Wants perform live tonight at Skyline Thursdays at The Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. DJs NSI and Shelby will warming up the dance floor with opening sets and will be playing behind the decks for the afterparty. An evening brunch is available too, starting from 9 pm.

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