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Photograph credit: Lunatics By Nature

Interview: Lunatics By Nature Talk UAE Drift Scene, Jebel Hafeet Takeover And Motorsports

Stuntmen Sultan Al-Qassimi, Dany Neville and Khalifa Al-Nahyan teamed up together to form ‘Lunatics By Nature.’ The drift crew made headlines after releasing their viral drift video taking over the roads leading to Jebel Hafeet. In an interview with the trio, they opened up about the UAE’s drifting scene and how drifting began for them.

How did the name ‘Lunatics By Nature’ come up?

To be honest, we came up with the name collectively over a three-way call. Individually we are all extreme in our own fields, almost to the point of Lunacy. That’s how Lunatics By Nature came about.

Sultan Al-Qassimi: You’ve been a mainstay at the Emirates Drift Championship (EDC) and this month, are there any other drift events which motorsports fans can look forward to and do you see a future in the drifting scene?

Participating in EDC was wonderful especially with the atmosphere. Taking the championship was the icing on top. I know this season I will have to fight my teammates and other drivers harder if I want to retain the title. EDC announced that they will be back this year and that the schedule will be released soon,  can’t wait for that! I definitely see a huge potential in the future of drifting; it is the fastest growing motorsport in the world right now. It is my stress relief, my time away with friends for the weekends. I enjoy the builds just as much as the race itself, sometimes even more.

Khalifa Al Nahyan: Tell us about how did LBN begin and the challenges of drifting on Jebel Hafeet

Drifting was our hobby, our hobby became our love, and LBN began. Drifting [on] Jebel Hafeet was an idea we played with during our earlier years. We would get together and think, wouldn’t it be amazing. In 2018, with the full backing of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, the Police department of Al Ain, the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, Monster Energy and production support from Collective, we were able to close off Jebel Hafeet and secured the location and make one of our dreams come true.


lunatics by nature drift jebel hafeet
Photograph credit: Lunatics By Nature

Dany Neville: How did drift begin for you? Many know you as a DJ, but drifting is another talent we were surprised to witness!

Drifting to me was a natural progression from motocross, the entertainment side of DJ’ing played a key roll in the shift as well. As a DJ, we are there to entertain the crowd; the same goes for drifting. That aspect played a big roll in my attraction to drifting and the entire culture.

lunatics by nature drift
Photograph credit: Lunatics By Nature

What were all the specifications and modifications in the Nissan Sylvia vehicles?

Dany Neville:

Car: Nissan S13

Engine: LS turbo

Ecu: Link

Transmission: Samsonas sequential

Diff: OS Ginken LSD

Axels: DSS

Wheels: SSR professors

Body kit: Rocket bunny

Khalifa Al Nahyan:

Car: Nissan s14

Engine: RHS LS 450 cubic

Ecu: Motec m150

Transmission: G-force dog box

Diff: winter Quick change

Axels: DSS

Wheels: Weds

Body kit: Rocket bunny BOSS14

Sultan Al Qassimi:

Car: Nissan S15

Engine: RHS LS 429cubic

Ecu: Motec m150

Transmission: G-force dog box

Diff: winters Quick change

Axels: DSS

Wheels: Rotiform

Body kit: Custom carbon fiber rocket bunny style kit

lunatics by nature nissan sylvia
Photograph credit: Lunatics By Nature

What’s next in line? Can we expect more mountain takeovers?

We’re working on building our brand into a lifestyle brand, a place for those who stand tall in what they believe in and push the envelopes in their respective fields. This video is just the start of a great journey and we are thankful for each person who is with us on this unbelievable ride. Definitely keep a lookout, we have a lot of projects in the pipelines.