Interview: Miniminter Talks FIFA, Logan Paul-KSI Fight And Crossbar Challenge

Gaming Youtuber Miniminter was in Abu Dhabi this week for the Middle East Games Con. We caught up with the FIFA sensation, talking about his FIFA series, the hyped Logan Paul-KSI fight and crossbar challenges.

What’s your take on the gaming scene in the Middle East? You rose to fame because of FIFA and the region is crazy about football!

I find it quite amazing because it’s so big in England, I kinda’ feel it would be secluded to England, but when I come here, I see people saying ‘Oh I watch your ‘18 series’ and everything like that. So, it’s amazing, although I see a lot of people playing Fortnite. I know Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now, but seeing everyone play and talk about FIFA is really weird to see because I go to America a lot and no one plays FIFA. So, my view is that FIFA is in England and nowhere else. It’s amazing to see.

Since you’re in UAE, do you look forward to visiting any tourist attractions?

I’ve been here before, so I knew what to expect. Me and Tom(aka Syndicate) are planning to go Skydiving in the next couple of days. In terms of things to see, I think we’re going to go out tomorrow morning and just explore.

What games did you grow up playing?

I grew up playing just FIFA, but my oldest brother played everything. He played every game that ever came out and I just watched him. So, that’s how I got into YouTube as well because I grew up watching someone playing games (laughs). FIFA was the one game I played religiously every day.

You’re part of the first generation of YouTubers making it a big industry that it is today. Did you expect this evolution?

[Youtubing] came out of nowhere and it’s something that everyone loves. I’m not classing it as the same as Football, but people watch the best players of Football and they will watch celebrities playing football because they enjoy it. So, why won’t they watch teams play football or watch someone like KSI play games? Because he’s funny. So, it makes sense that it happened, but I didn’t know it would be at this scale.

Did you expect Youtubers do a boxing fight one day?

Nah. (Laughs) I was amused. Watching the whole preparation and the fight was amazing. It might have got too serious at the end of the day, but they had the courage to step into the ring. The only thing I didn’t like was challenging me to fight. I was like “I’m not getting into the ring!”

Who came up with the idea of a crossbar challenge?

There was a big TV show in England back in time, called Crossbar. It was on Saturday mornings. It became a thing, among loads of friends. I did it a hundred times in school. Then, we thought, a group of Youtubers will have fun together, so let’s record this thing. A lot of weirdness happened during the video.

What’s next in line? Can we expect more collaborations or other games?

I’m going to be doing a FIFA series and Fortnite. It’s realistically just any game that I enjoy and everyone enjoys watching.