Photograph credit: Raxon

Interview: Raxon Talks About Rising To Fame From UAE And Local DJ Circuit

With a booming nightlife scene in the UAE, there’s an emerging DJ circuit including homegrown electronic production talents, prominent DJs and fast-rising turntablists. Raxon is among the few DJs to have made it big from our country. Ahead of his gig at Soho Garden, we had the chance to catch up with the DJ, to talk about his success story, leaving his full-time architect job to become a DJ and his take on the local DJ circuit.

Hi Raxon! You’re a true success story from UAE. Tell us how you went global?

I’d like to think of it as a guy that just wants to make and play music. I always have big dreams but like to start very small to gain all the experience and enjoy the journey along the way.

What’s your take on the UAE’s DJ circuit?

To be fair I think the scene is just great given all the rules and regulations of the city, well done to all the DJs and promoters for keeping it alive.

Photograph credit: Instagram

We learnt that you quit your day job as an architect back in the day. How did that decision happen and how does it feel when you look back?

Looking back, it’s the best decision I ever took, not the easiest at all. Just like in anything in life, it’s not possible to achieve anything if u don’t dedicate 110% of pure time and effort in whatever you are pursuing.

Which DJs do you take inspiration from?

I love real open-minded DJs that play different genres for different moments. You know who there are.

Which DJs do you think are at the top of their game?

I try not to name names anymore because I always end up missing someone and there are just so many great DJs out there.

Talk us through a day in the life of Raxon, is it more about producing music, preparing mixes or raving it up?

I’m up by 8 am, straight to the studio (ideas are super fresh then), normally no breakfast just a juice or something to keep me quiet, then lunch break + some Barcelona sun, then it’s back to the studio till it gets dark then dinner then sleep, repeat. I do rave it up on the weekend, of course! It’s an important source of inspiration if you do it right.

Lastly, how does it feel returning back to the country where it all stemmed from?

Always great to be back to see old friends and family, and I’m really glad it’s not total summer yet.