Interview: We Talk To Sara Stosic, About The Rise Of White Dubai

It’s a big moment for superclub White Dubai, being ranked 16th on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs this year, up by four positions. We had the chance to chat with Sara Stosic, Head of Marketing and PR At Addmind, the marketing team behind White Dubai, about last year’s success, nightclub trends, artist line-up and what makes the nightclub among the best in the world.

Congratulations to your ranking in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs! How has the season gone? Have you noticed any new trends in clubbing?

Thank you! White’s placement as the top 16th best club in the world is a testament to our entire team at ADD MIND, as well as to Lebanon as a country for exporting such a powerful and unique product on a global map.

Also, this ranking puts the Middle East region in the spotlight as a premiere nightlife and lifestyle destination, ahead of the hugely anticipated Expo 2020.

Photograph credit: White Dubai

Tell us about the artist line-up last season! You’ve organized some of the hottest DJs and rappers of late

Our entertainment programming has reached an all-time high over the last 2 years. Having booked some of the biggest and most relevant names in the industry, we’ve certainly positioned ourselves along the lines with some of the biggest nightlife establishments in London, New York, Vegas and Ibiza.

French Montana, Jason Derulo, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Backstreet Boys are some of the names we’ve hosted.

I’m very proud to say that when the Backstreet Boys performed at White last year, it was the first time in 7 years that all 5 members performed together in a nightlife venue.

Photograph credit: White Dubai

Also, we’re among the first to have tapped into the Afro beats market, having recognized the new musical wave which has taken over the top charts and supplying the market with this unique sound.

Aya Nakamura (DJADJA), Vegedream etc…

Nightclubs run differently in Ibiza and Dubai. What are the challenges to keep a superclub concept successful in our city?

You always need to stay relevant. Study the market you are in, consumer’s behaviour, sense upcoming trends (or set them yourself).

Residents of Dubai and the UAE are very well travelled, so recycling old concepts is never an option.

The need to be innovative is inevitable, as is the need to “reinvent yourself” whilst staying true to the building blocks which made your venue a success in the first place.

Photograph credit: White Dubai

How have you seen White Dubai change over the years?  

White evolves on a yearly basis. Whether it comes to production, entertainment or marketing, the standards to which each department adheres are kept at an admirable level. The true beauty of White is that no matter how sophisticated( and sometimes intimidating) the venue appears to be, there is a genuine warmth felt once you step inside.

The fact that every single department encompassing this brand puts their soul into their work makes it an inevitable success. As White matured, so did all of us. Our horizons broadened, appetites increased, as did the responsibility we have towards our customers to adhere to the standards.

Photograph credit: White Dubai

In general, how do you see Dubai in the party map of the world?

There used to be a stigma surrounding Dubai to the outside world which I believe is starting to disappear. People had a lot of prejudice about this country, and the idea of a “strong nightlife industry” was zero to none. However, over the past couple of years, Dubai has cemented itself as an entertainment mecca, being home to some of the most successful and innovative brands in the world.

Homegrown concepts, international franchises, sold out arenas and music festivals are a manifest to how much things have changed, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this change in the years to come.

Photograph credit: White Dubai