Interview: XDubai Recruit Sarah Lezito Talks Bikes, Stunts And The Avengers

Last month, XDubai dropped an adrenaline-filled video showing its latest recruit, Sarah Lezito perform a series of thrill-seeking stunts across the Bluewaters Island on her bike. We caught up with the stuntwoman to talk about her career in stunts, Hollywood projects and bike modifications.

Hello Sarah! How excited are you being part of XDubai’s crew? 

It’s such an honour to be in a family supporting so many action sports! I am looking forward to see all the beautiful projects we can do together!

We learnt that you started performing stunts at a young age of 13! How did it begin? 

Well I started when I was even younger as I was always hanging out outside with my friends and trying different things on our bicycles! We were already rocking wheelies at a very young age. When I was 13 my dad got a quad and I was borrowing it to try wheelies – all hidden from my parents, of course! Riding a quad gave me some pretty good stunt habits, learning how to manage the throttle/brake and balance skills in wheelies, and then this made my bike progression quite fast!

Tell us about the modifications in your stunt bikes and what does it take to maintain them? 

My stunt bike is 90% customized. Every little detail is changed to allow me to do as many tricks as I can.

The only original thing is the engine. I removed most of the plastics and lights because it’s useless for stunts.

I have an additional rear brake on the hand so I can do tricks without my foot on the footbrake.

We put a lot of protections so I can safely crash all day, every day, and all the chassis has some welding work to be stronger.

The tank is dented so I can use it to do more tricks. I also put a street handlebar to make my riding easier, and the gearing of the bike is way shorter (with a bigger sprocket, which has 70 teeth), so I can do really technical slow riding.

Photograph credit: Supplied

It’s obvious that stunts require space and a planned track. How did you go about planning the stunt at Bluewaters island?

We ride heavy street bikes and this requires a good tarmac and some room as the bikes are always craving speed!  Riding at Bluewaters was so fun though! I loved the challenge to ride in tiny spaces and in such a beautiful spot. For awesome shots, we have to ride in awesome places!

Your stunt works in Hollywood boasts blockbusters like The Avengers and Inferno. Do you recall any thrilling experiences from these films?

Avengers was my first job and I was 20 years old and just beginning a real stuntwoman carrier! This was my dream to take part to such experience. I worked for about 2 months for my first project and I met awesome people who opened my eyes and made me realize that I could truly believe in my dream and do this everyday as a job!

It felt good to be a superhero for a couple of weeks! This unconsciously made me stronger for real! Haha! Some of the stunts were kind of dangerous so along with the regular precautions, I needed some mental prep so I could do it anytime!

We saw you perform wheelies, donuts and dead-spins in the video, what are your favourite types of stunts?

It’s kind of hard to say that I prefer something accurate. I learned how to ride in many different ways, and I fell in love with that feeling where you do super slow tricks and then super fast tricks. Constantly feeling the balance on my bike, whether it’s slow or fast, is what keeps me in love with this sport.

Photograph credit: Supplied

Lastly, what are the upcoming projects lined up for you?

I am focusing a lot on YouTube this year. I believe that video is the best communication with your community. My main channel is French and I will open a second one in English for my international followers who are a huge community too. My next 6 months are full of travels and I have some competitions too. Inspiring not only women, but all the humans to believe in their dreams is my mission!

I also have so many show requests mainly in Europe, I still like to do them because you can really see the people smiling, and you can realize that it’s not just numbers on social media, but a real human vibe around me!