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Intoxicated Passenger Refuses To Pay For Cab Ride, Slams It Into Villa

Reports have come in that an intoxicated passenger has been slapped with multiple offences for assaulting a taxi driver, after refusing to pay for his ride and subsequently crashing the cab into a villa.

Skipped out on cab fare

By law, not paying a cab fare is punishable in the UAE. The punishment could lead to imprisonment of up to six months and a Dhs 5,000 fine. In this case, the intoxicated passenger identified a 24-year-old Moroccan man, denied not paying his fare after arriving at his destination in Mirdiff. The taxi driver kept waiting in front of his villa until he decided to enter and find him.

Passenger crashed his car and taxi into villas

Things got out of hand when the taxi driver discovered the intoxicated passenger rammed his car into his villa and a bicycle. He attempted to stop him. However, the 24-year-old assaulted the driver took his car and speed into a villa. The taxi driver said, “He went into a villa and I kept waiting. After some time, I stepped out of the taxi leaving the engine on as I wanted to look for him. I saw him near the villa damaging a parked car with a bicycle. I tried to stop him, but he assaulted me.”

Charges pressed after fighting with cops

Struggling to handle the intoxicated passenger, the taxi driver alerted the police. They arrived at the scene and attempted to pull him inside the police car. However, the passenger got into a heated argument with police officers, kicking the door of the police car. His case is now referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance, where he’s been charged with multiple offences, including drinking and driving, damaging properties, insulting police officers and the taxi driver.   

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