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Intoxicated Thief Falls In Manhole While Running Away From Police

Abu Dhabi’s Criminal Court of First Instance is investigating the case of an Arab, under the influence of drugs, who fell into a manhole after escaping from the police.

Abu Dhabi Police caught Arab man under the influence of drugs

As per court records, a police officer found evidence that the thief was under the influence of drugs. When the police officer started chasing him, he ran and eventually fell into a manhole.

Arab man denies charges

At the Abu Dhabi Appeal Court, the Arab man denied being under the influence of drugs and claimed he was wrongly convicted. His father appeared at the court too and said his son is suffering from psychological trauma, after a road accident last year.

Case adjourned to 25th June

Initially, the man was fined Dhs 10,000 after police evidence proved he was guilty of consuming drugs. However, with the defendant and his father’s appearance at the court, the case has been adjourned for a final verdict on 25th June.