dubai plane crash investigation
Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Investigation Report Released On Diamond DA62 Plane Crash

Dubai’s General Civil Aviation Authority explains how the Diamond DA62 plane crash happened in Mushrif Park, which claimed four lives.

Diamond DA62 plane crash in May

On 16th May, the Diamond DA62 aircraft, carrying three British and one South African passenger, crashed at Mushrif Park. 

The aircraft was going to stop at the Dubai International Airport (DXB), to “calibrate terrestrial navigation systems.”

The plane crashed 7:30 pm, at a time when flights were being diverted to Dubai World Central (DWC), due to high air traffic control. 

Investigation report claims “pilot didn’t maintain safe distance”

Six weeks later, GCCA released a report explaining the plane crash accident.

According to the report, the Diamond DA62 flew behind a Thai Airways Airbus A350-900 aircraft. It reportedly didn’t maintain a safe distance, leading to turbulence and loss of control.

dubai plane crash investigation

Photograph credit: General Civil Aviation Authority

The report reveals the DA62 aircraft flew 3.7 nautical miles behind the Thai Airways aircraft.

Eventually, the plane “rolled to the left until it became inverted and entered a steep dive,” crashing into Mushrif Park. The incident happened six kilometres away from the DXB runway. 

No recordings of the pilots are available, since the plane didn’t have a flight recorder.