Apple releases iPhone 12 with 5G and Mini
Apple releases iPhone 12 with 5G and Mini

iPhone 12 launches with 5G and new Mini version

Apple released details of their long-awaited iPhone 12 last night including 5G connectivity and a range of new designs.

The big news is that the iPhone 12 supports 5G which should dramatically increase the phone’s capabilities.

“5G will bring a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, more responsive gaming, real-time interactivity and so much more,” said chief executive Tim Cook.

As well as 5G, the latest Apple handset will also include its new Bionic processor, Face ID recognition and a sharper, flatter design and a stunning low-light camera. The prices start from AED4199.

It wasn’t all good news for consumers, however. New iPhones won’t ship with headphones or a power adapter in a bid to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The iPhone 12 will also come in a smaller Mini size which has all the same features, but on a smaller display. And, crucially, a lower price point!

Apple update emojis

Staying in the Apple world, they’ve updated their range of emojis and now feature the popular Arab gesture  which means ‘wait’ or ‘be patient.’ It can also mean be quiet or to calm down. There’s not a day that it’s not used in the DubaiLAD office tbh.

Which will be great news for Arab parents across the world who undoubtedly use the gesture the most!

The updated Apple emojis features on the latest iOS 14.2 update.