Banksy Devolved Parliament

Is Banksy’s Biggest Painting About to Break Another Auction Record?

Since his self-destructing painting stunt in Sotheby’s last year, where ‘Girl with Balloon’ started to shred itself on being sold, we’ve not heard or seen much of the elusive Banksy.  But next month, the famous artist, best known for his thought-provoking graffiti, might be about to set a new auction house record for himself with his painting, ‘Devolved Parliament’.

Chimps in the UK government

A massive painting that he created back in 2009, called ‘Devolved Parliament’, is thought to be his largest artwork done on canvas. At around 4 metres and controversial as always, the piece shows British politicians as chimpanzees in the House of Commons. Considering the artist painted it around 10 years ago and the current state of British politics, it makes us wonder if the talented painter has the power to see into the future.

In March 2019, the painting was put on display in Bristol, UK to mark the originally planned Brexit date. At the time, Banksy commented on his Instagram, “Laugh now, but one day no one will be in charge”.


So what’s ‘Devolved Parliament’ expected to sell for?

Experts reckon between $1.8 million to $2.5 million (AED 6.6 million to AED 9.2 million)! We won’t be seeing that on Dirham Stretcher any time soon. Whatever happens, it’s got the potential to set a new record after his last high value creation sold for $2.3 million (AED 8.7 million) in 2008.

Let’s just hope whoever buys this one doesn’t end up with an exploding painting. Even though reports are saying there’s no sign of a shredder this time, we wouldn’t put anything past the prankster.

And on that note, here’s a reminder of the moment the $1.4 million dollar painting started getting slashed to pieces by its own frame.