Is Dubai's RoboCafe the future of eating out?
Is Dubai's RoboCafe the future of eating out?

Is Dubai’s RoboCafe the future of eating out?

Dubai’s recently opened RoboCafe could well be the future of cafes and restaurants, especially with the current pandemic!

First, you order your food and drink online or using the cafe’s touch-screen. Then German-made robots prepare and deliver the food. Meaning no human interaction and no spreading Coronavirus by coughing on each other.

It also means, we think, no tipping unless you have some robot oil in your pockets!

The cafe was due to launch last March after two years of preparation but officially opened late last summer at Festival City Centre.

And it’s quickly been a hit, with customers impressed at just how accurate the robots are even when handling hot drinks.

The Dubai Government helped out with the RoboCafe with their artificial intelligence initiative. Humans – remember them? – are only needed when there are glitches or surfaces that need sanitizing.

“Everything is reliant on artificial intelligence, robots sort out the orders by table and places it on the small service bot, and the service bot delivers it to the customer,” said Executive Director, Rashid Essa Lootah.