Is This The World’s Most Expensive Guitar? See It For Yourself In Abu Dhabi.

According to the Guiness Book of World Records it is the world’s most expensive guitar. The diamond encrusted, white gold Gibson should feel right at home when it goes on display at the Jewellery and Watch Show in Abu Dhabi this month. After all, the people of the UAE are known for their expensive tastes.

Over 11,000 diamonds

The Gibson guitar is encrusted in 11,441 diamonds, set in 1.6 kilograms of white gold. Named, The Eden of Coronet, the guitar was made by jewellery designer Aaron Shum and musician and designer Mark Lui. Creating the extravagant guitar took 700 days and involved 68 artisans. Guiness World Records has officially confirmed the piece as the world’s most expensive guitar.

Not just a pretty face

This flamboyant instrument is not just for show, it’s been played in concert by a number of famous artists, including Jermaine Jackson at UK musical event, the BBC Proms.

The big question is what’s it worth? Dhs 7.3 million (USD 2m) is the guitar’s current value. So somehow, I don’t think Gibson will be letting Matt Bellamy of Muse have a go on this any time soon. The lead singer of the rock band currently holds the world record for most guitar smashes on tour!

Credit: Matt Bellamy Official Facebook

Want to see the spectacle for yourself?

The diamond encrusted Gibson I mean (not Matt Bellamy smashing guitars). You can see it at The upcoming Jewellery and Watch Show from 26th – 30th October at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Along with seeing new collections from a number of watch and jewellery makers, visitors can also get involved with an augmented reality experience at JWS. This allows you to virtually try on jewellery pieces to see what suits you.

The event is also giving out digital gift bags which provide priority access to special offers and vouchers to redeem on the day.