Israeli PM Netanyahu plans 3-hour UAE visit next week
Israeli PM Netanyahu plans 3-hour UAE visit next week

Israeli PM Netanyahu plans 3-hour UAE visit next week

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he plans to visit the UAE next week, making it the first trip since the UAE and Israel normalised their relationship last year.

Netanyahu has had to twice postpone trips to the UAE due to Coronavirus lockdowns.

But in a news briefing, he told reporters he was planning a trip to the UAE and “possibly make a lightning visit to Bahrain.” The trip will be an incredibly short one, however.

“It has great security, national and international importance, but it has been shortened, at my request, from three days to three hours,” Netanyahu said.

No specific date has been announced, but some Israeli media reports said he would make the trip on 9 February.

Wizz Air launches AED99 flights to Israel

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is launching flights to Israel from just AED99 from February.

The low-coast Wizz Air flights will depart four times a week to Tel Aviv, Israel.

After months of delays, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will make its first flight tomorrow to Athens before embarking on other routes through the month.

Tel Aviv is the latest destination to be added by Wizz Air. They now fly to 13 destinations in 11 countries including Romania, Egypt, Georgia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Hungary, Armenia and Bulgaria.

The low-cost flyer is predicting they’ll be flying at 25% of their capacity this January. But they hope to expand their destinations this year. Including more in the GCC.

“We are living in a very dynamic environment,’ said Kees Van Schaick, managing director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, “Now that we have a green country list where restrictions have been removed in Abu Dhabi, it doesn’t always mean the situation is the same on the way out where there may be quarantines etc. But we are monitoring the situation daily and have seen a move that more and more GCC countries are coming on to that ‘green’ country list. Once they do and to the extent, we believe it is needed, we will start operating to those countries,” he added.