IT's Shawarma week on Deliveroo and we're very excited
IT's Shawarma week on Deliveroo and we're very excited

It’s Shawarma week on Deliveroo and we’re very excited

We can barely type this sentence as we’re so excited, but Deliveroo is hosting an entire week dedicated to the humble shawarma.

Yes, our friends – it’s time to go shawarma crazy!

And they’re celebrating with some crazy discounts including up to 50% off.

They’ve got nine delivery joints in the scheme including DubaiLAD favourite BokBok Chicken.

So stop reading this and start eating some of this!

As Deliveroo put it, “Chicken, beef, with garlic, or without. Shawarmas are always tasty.⁣”

Although anyone who doesn’t get it with garlic really should think again!

Buffet Brunches are officially back on in Dubai

Dubai brunches have been officially authorised once more by the Dubai Municipality as life continues to return to ‘normal.’

Brunches in Dubai featuring open buffets were banned by the authorities at the peak of the pandemic.

But with cases dropping to just over 100 a day, Dubai is continuing to ease restrictions. And that means that buffets are back on.

There are a few rules in place, however.

There have to be automatic hand sanitiser dispensers at the start of each section. And the venue needs to change spoons, spatulas and scoops on a regular basis.

Many venues got around this by simply creating a set menu at brunch prizes and sharing plates. But if you’ve missed your chance to load up your plate with a thousand calories and pile chips next to sushi next to nachos, then it’s time to fill your boots!