Pirelli Ski Dubai
Pirelli Ski Dubai

It’s snow joke as skier jumps over McLaren GT Sprint in Ski Dubai

Yes, you read that headline and image below are correct – that is a skier jumping over a McLaren GT Sprint in Ski Dubai.

The high-speed stunt was pulled off by two of the UAE’s best extreme sportsmen.

Saeed Al Mehairi was behind the wheel while Abdullah Al Mehairi was on a pair of skis as he hurtled over the jump and the million dirham supercar.

The Ski Dubai McLaren stunt was pulled off to highlight Pirelli’s new ‘ special winter compound tyre.’ And they’re brilliantly put to the test as you can see in the video below.

Saeed Al Mehairi is a professional race car driver. So don’t expect to pull off tricks like this next time you’re in the Alps! He’s a former class winner of the Dubai 24 Hour, the SWS World Karting Championship and the UAE GT.

And Abdullah Al Mehairi is one of the UAE’s leading freestyle skiers. Check out this video for his impressive skills!

“I was quite nervous when we started,” says Abdullah. “But when I saw Saeed handle the car so well and hold it so steady on the snow, I was confident of my abilities to pull the jump off.”

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