Coronavirus rumours jail UAE
Coronavirus rumours jail UAE

Jail sentences for those who spread UAE Coronavirus rumours

The UAE has brought in strict sentences including several years in jail for those caught spreading rumours about the Coronavirus pandemic on social media.

The news was announced by the UAE Attorney-General Dr Hamad Al Shamsi said on Monday. And it covers rumours spread on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Al Shamsi said, “UAE security authorities will take strict measures and harsh penalties ranging from one year to several years prison term will be handed down to rumour-mongers proportionally to the panic caused by the rumours.”

The Attorney General said that those spreading false rumours were undermining the stability of society and helped spread panic.

The government says that it has already spotted audio and video clips containing false information.

“These videos included allegations about measures to impose a curfew or control their daily lives, which are rumours punishable by law and we confirm that anybody who commits such a crime will face severe punishment,” he said and called on members of the public not be dragged behind these rumours.

Listen to the official advice

If in doubt, check the official news channels for what’s open, what’s closed and what the official line. We’d hate to see anyone head to jail for spreading Coronavirus rumours in the UAE.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention is a good place to start.

Then check our regular updates on Dubailad.

And if you are thinking of posting on social media, please please please think twice before you post. Fact-check your post and double-check your sources.