James Bond No Time To Die delayed
James Bond No Time To Die delayed

James Bond film No Time To Die delayed amid coronavirus fears

The new James Bond film No Time To Die has been delayed for seven months due to fears over the Coronavirus.

The film’s producers said they had moved the release of No Time To Die from April to November after “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”.

Reading between the lines, it seems they think that people might go to the cinema less during the Coronavirus outbreak due to the contagious nature of the virus.

Some film analysts have suggested the virus could wipe out $5billion from the global box office, with Italy, China and South Korea’s film industries already affected.

Plus, the film’s title No Time To Die, might not put viewers in the best frame of mind. With that in mind, we reworked some classic Bond film titles…

A Flu To A Kill
You Only Sneeze Twice
Sniff And Let Die
Quarantine of Solace

The delayed James Bond film will now be released worldwide in November.

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