Photograph credit: Middle East Games Con

Japanese Gaming And Anime Taking Over Games Con 2018

Woohoooo! It’s going to be an epic festival of anime, manga, gaming content and all things Japanese at the Middle East Games Con 2018.

Japan’s Anifest is coming to Games Con, oh yeah!!!

Gear up for a line-up of performances from the Japanese anime convention as there will be theatre, beatboxing, dance, music and endless entertainment. Visitors are in for an unforgettable experience and can expect nothing but a loud, vibrant and multi-sensory experience bringing the anime and gaming experience to a whole new horizon.

Dedicated Japanese pavilion

‘MIYABI’ is the name the pavilion goes by, based on one of the aesthetic ideals of Japan. It will be home to a variety of collector items and affordable figures. The best feature, however, is that a posable action figure of UFO Robot Grendizer made by world famous figures and garage kits manufacturing company Kaiyodo will be available there! Plus, there will also be a performance stage, home to all the entertainment and live performances.

Gaming with a Japanese fusion

No kiddin’ but the organizing team is bringing a lot of Japanese entertainment down to Games Con and the experience they’re promising is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime! Talking about bringing the Japanese gaming experience to Games Con, Michael Lamprecht, Project Manager at Animania said “There is such a huge demand among the fans in the region for unique and immersive international experiences. The content will be as true to the art form as possible, and the products will be unlike anything available in the UAE. There’s so much cool stuff – including gaming, VR (virtual reality) – in true Japanese fashion. If you go to Japan, it’s so overwhelming so we are working to re-create and reflect that experience.”

Games Con is hosting a Fortnite challenge worth Dhs10,000!

For real! DELL Gaming will have their exhibition and confirmed they’re hosting a Fortnite challenge, where gamers can win prizes worth a whopping Dhs10,000 and 500 Vbucks, their digital currency to purchase the latest skins, emotes and Battlepass. Plus. more challenges are coming up for visitors and gamers, including the ‘Ultimate Floss Meister’ challenge and the ‘SOLO Champ.’

Save the dates-25th-27th October

Middle East Games Con 2018 will be taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre(ADNEC). Gaming tech giants PlayStation, HP Omen, Sennheiser are confirmed to have their exhibitions and Dough Cockle, the voice behind The Witcher’s ‘Geralt of Rivia’ and from Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ will be headlining the event! Ticket pricing starts from Dhs115 and is available on Platinumlist.

Photograph credit: Middle East Games Con