Jet Ski tour of Dubai officially the best thing to do in the world
Jet Ski tour of Dubai officially the best thing to do in the world

Jet Ski tour of Dubai officially the best thing to do in the world

A Jet Ski tour of Dubai has been ranked the No.1 tourism experience in the world by Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards.

And the Jet Ski tour of Dubai was so good it won two awards.

It came first in the ‘Best of the Best’ Things to Do Awards and in the Overall Experience and Water Adventures category.

The Jet Ski Tour is run by Nemo WaterSports and takes in all the famous landmarks including the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Atlantis – The Palm and the Burj Khalifa.

Tripadvisor is one of the world’s largest travel sites. And winners are based on the reviews and ratings from the last year.

Tripadvisor said “travelers are loving soaking in the stunning Dubai skyline with the thrill of a jet ski ride, and ample photo-ops”.

Dubai won the award for the second year running. Last year’s winner was OceanAir’s ‘camel safari and desert BBQ’ experience.

World’s deepest swimming pool opens in Dubai holding 14 million litres of water

Holding 14 million litres of water and with a depth of 60m, Deep Dive Dubai is now officially the deepest swimming pool in the world.

And it’s just opened in Dubai!

Holding the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools, Deep Dive Dubai is a stunning new swimming and diving pool.

It’s basically an abandoned underwater city. The sunken city includes ‘ an abandoned streetscape, apartment, garage, and arcade.’ All of which can be explored while free diving or scuba diving.

The huge pool is packed with areas to explore. And it’s also covered with 56 underwater cameras so you’re always in view.

And – this is our favourite bit – the water is kept at 30 degrees, so you’ll be toasty warm while exploring. Bliss!

There are also dry chambers at 6m and 21m into the pool where you can take a breather. Meanwhile, the water is filtered and circulated every six hours through ‘siliceous volcanic rock, NASA-developed filter technology and UV radiation.’

The project is headed up by director Jarrod Jablonski. And he’s a man who knows about diving, as he’s a record-holding cave diver and leading scuba diver.

Deep Dive Dubai is set to open later this month in Nad Al Sheba.

And honestly, the DubaiLAD team can’t wait to get our flippers wet and try it out!