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Photograph credit: Jetman

Jetman Dubai Drops An Insane Adrenaline-Filled Teaser

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Jetman! In collaboration with Dubai, the team at Jetman have come up with a feature film on the human flight and dropped an insane adrenaline-filled teaser this week.

Flying high over Norway

Yves Rossy, the brains behind Jetman, took to Norway’s Romsdalen valley to film the documentary, ‘Loft’ with pilots Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet. Fun fact, the valley is Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall. The trio can be seen flying high on the skies over the valley, sided by a narration emphasizing how they risk their lives every time they take on the mechanical wings.

Ground take-off for the first time

Yves’ exploits in the English Channel, Grand Canyon and Dubai has been nothing less than a shocker to the adventure sports world, stunning thrill seekers with death-defying stunts and high-energy feats. Interestingly, they took off from the ground in the teaser. You’ve seen them usually take off from the skies, but this time, they took off from the ground to build up speeds without the support of an extra vehicle.

Photograph credit: Jetman

25 years since Jetman

Loft marks a milestone moment for Yves’ adventure sports company. The production comes after “25 years of research and development, 24 months of planning and 25 days spent on the ground and in the air.” Commenting about the achievement, Reffet said “Everyone involved from both a technical and filming point of view were experts in their jobs and we trusted them. It is because of this that we could achieve what we did.”

More adrenaline-filled adventures to come

We can’t wait to see what the future unravels, after witnessing their exploits on Burj Khalifa and on the private jet! Speaking about the what’s next in line, Jetman’s Director of Operations, Alan Gayton said: “We are truly excited about the future of Jetman Dubai and look forward to sharing even bigger, more beautiful stories and feats to Jetman fans the world over.”

Jetman pilots flying
Photograph credit: Jetman