brand dubai jumeirah street art
Photograph credit: Brand Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Road Gets An Artsy Upgrade With Street Murals

Street culture is heavily building in Dubai. After working on old streets and metro network pillars, Jumeirah Beach Road is the latest location to get an artistic upgrade.

Street murals on Jumeirah Beach Road

Design hub Brand Dubai calls it the ‘Jumeirah Project’. The public art project witnessed collaborations among international and locally based artists to create street murals that reflect on traditional Emirati culture, as well as showcase ‘Grammable illustrations of vintage items, like cassettes, see-saws and sailing boats. You can catch these artworks across Jumeirah Beach Road.

Artsy upgrade for Dubai

Over the years, Dubai witnessed the streets of Karama, pillars of the Red Line metro network and Satwa get an upgrade with street murals to reflect the city’s modern character. Most of the artworks’ themes are inspired by links between the city’s past and present, and the diversity Dubai boasts combining modernity with its strong heritage.

brand dubai street art mural
Photograph credit: Brand Dubai

Dubai an “open-air museum” for the world

From homegrown talents to international artists, there’s a concerted effort afoot to paint over Dubai’s tourist hotspots and make the city an “open-air museum” for the world. Speaking about ‘Jumeirah Project,’ Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “Our objective is to turn Dubai into an open-air museum where the whole world could see its race against time in terms of development. We want all our initiatives and projects to be driven by innovation. We will provide all the support and resources necessary for turning promising creative ideas into reality.”

brand dubai street art
Photograph credit: Brand Dubai