Smallest ever dinosaur discovered
Smallest ever dinosaur discovered

Jurassic Park! World’s smallest dinosaur found ‘trapped in amber’

Yay, some non-Coronavirus news as scientists have found the smallest known dinosaur. And, just like Jurassic Park’s plot, it’s been found in a block of amber 99 million years old.

Smallest dinosaur discovered

The tiny bird-like skull was found in amber in Myanmar. And scientists think the dinosaur would have been around 2g in weight and the same size as the bee hummingbird.

The new species has been described as one of the “weirdest fossils” ever found.

The find is important as it may give us more information on how small birds evolved from dinosaurs.

‘Weirdest fossil!’

“It’s the weirdest fossil I’ve ever been lucky enough to study,” said Prof O’Connor who discovered the animal. “I just love how natural selection ends up producing such bizarre forms. We are also super lucky this fossil survived to be discovered 99 million years later.”

Thanks to the surprisingly large number of teeth, scientists think that the Oculudentavis was a predator who ate insects.

Small and deadly, what a lovely combination!

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