Fuel-delivery app Cafu
Fuel-delivery app Cafu

Keep calm and carry on driving with CAFU, the UAE’s first contactless fuel-delivery app

In these most-challenging of times, technology has often been there to save the day – and one of our Dubailad essentials is fuel-delivery app CAFU

The CAFU fuel-delivery concept might seem simple. They’ll bring petrol to your car and fill it up for you. Plus, as it’s contactless, you can stay safe. 

But with the Coronavirus restrictions in place for at least another week, anything that makes our life safer and simpler gets a big thumbs up from us. 

And it’s not just us that loves the CAFU fuel-delivery app.

Since launching in 2018, they’ve delivered more than one million top-ups across the Emirate. And, if you’re an average user over a year, the app will also save you around 18.5 hours a year in time spent at the petrol station. Which is just amazing. That’s nearly a whole day you could spend eating shawarmas, completing Netflix or keeping fit.

And CAFU have come up with some essential tips and tricks to keep you and your car in good working order during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

1 Wash your hands

The number one piece of advice is to wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitiser with 60% alcohol concentration as soon as you get into the car, to help avoid contaminating it with any germs you might be carrying.

2 Leave the fill-ups to CAFU

International studies have shown that the average petrol pump handle is 6,000 times dirtier than a public elevator button. And carries an astonishing 11,835 times more germs than a public toilet seat. So yeah, let them do the dirty work as they’re equipped with gloves, a mask and a full clean up between fill-ups. 

3 Only travel if essential

Only travel if your journey is essential, and even then, limit the number of stops you make – avoid unnecessary detours. And remember the more places you visit, the higher your chance of coming into contact with an infected person or surface.

4 Clean your car

We mean really clean your car, using antibiotic sterilising wipes. Disinfect high-touch hard surfaces every time you use the car. That means the steering wheel, gear shift knob, instrument stalks, seatbelt, stereo controls, cup holders, door pockets, and any other areas you might touch. And don’t forget the dashboard, paying particular attention to areas around air-conditioning outlets.

5 Clean your keys

It’s easy to overlook, but your car keys are among the most often touched personal items. Give them a good wipe down with a sanitising wipe before and after every trip.

6 Limit the number of passengers

Government regulations on how many passengers can be carried must be followed, and in general, it is safer to travel alone. If, however, you must carry a passenger (for instance, if taking a family member to or from a medical appointment), ask them to take the same precautions that you are, by sanitising their hands as soon as they get in the car, and to avoid unnecessarily touching interior surfaces.

7 Change your air filters

Your car’s AC system is fitted with air filters to minimise the intake of germs. Make sure that they’re doing their job by changing them as advised by your car’s manufacturer, and by regularly using a spray disinfectant on the AC intake vents.

8 Get fresh air in between trips

It’s believed that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can linger in the air for up to three hours. Leaving your car’s windows open a crack between journeys, to allow fresh air to circulate through the cabin, may reduce the risk of contamination.

9 Take care with cargo

Any items that you carry in your car’s interior run the risk of introducing germs. So avoid carrying groceries and other cargo in the back seat, and instead place it in the boot. When you get your shopping home, wipe down external packaging before putting your purchases away. And then wash your hands when finished.

10 Wait it out

Your favourite journeys – trips to the beach, the desert, or the mountains – will still be there when all this is over. So spend this time planning a weekend away, a desert safari, or just a drive out for the sheer joy of it.

In the meantime, remember: Stay home. Stay safe. Stay together.

And make sure to check out this excellent list of CAFU’s top Car Care tips to keep your car in shape. 

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