Photograph credit: Twitter

Kitchen In Ras Al Khaimah Shut Down For Unhygienic Practices

Inspectors from Ras Al Khaimah authorities ordered a kitchen to be shut down after a viral video showed two cooks cooking using unhygienic practices.

Unhygienic practices shown in viral video

In a video that stormed the internet last week, two cooks were shown unwrapping frozen pieces of chicken on a dirty floor and adding them to a steel cooking pot. The restaurant, identified as Al Afrah Public Kitchen came under heavy criticism after the video went viral and RAK authorities began an investigation on their cooking standards.

Kitchen shutdown by Ras Al Khaimah

Last Friday, the video reached Ras Al Khaimah Municipality and they issued a slip on the entrance of the kitchen. The slip reads “This premise is closed” and follows with a complaint, which reads “Violation of health issues and conditions.” The kitchen will remain closed until their management takes action.

Warning issued

Al Afrah Public Kitchen’s shut down also comes as a warning for restaurants to maintain hygienic conditions. Municipality officials said, “An undertaking should also be signed that such violation will not be repeated in the future. In repetition of the violation, a bigger fine and permanent closure shall be ordered.” “More stringent inspections will be launched across the emirate, and municipal inspectors will inspect all food outlets in the emirate,” they added.

Photograph credit: Twitter