Photograph credit: Secret Room Dubai

Lad Spends AED 10k To Enter Nightclub In A Taxi

Man, oh man! Those of us who’ve lived in Dubai long enough know it’s not uncommon for high-rollers to enter nightclubs in high-end exotic cars, but one lad decided to pay $2,800 (AED10k) to enter a nightclub in a cab!

Entry in a cab, say what?!

When it comes to making an entrance at “elite”club Secret Room, Five Palm Jumeirah, you’d probably imagine a Ferrari, Bentley or Lambo to rock up. But this time, no kiddin,’ there’s legit footage showing a cabbie make an entrance into the nightclub, surrounded by roaring crowds and hostesses holding sparklers to welcome the legend. The cab was allowed to stay inside the nightclub for 15 minutes. Take a look:

Kanye would be proud

No nightclub in the world allows an automobile to park inside its venue, next to the dancefloor, apart from this recently-opened nightclub. Could it inspired by Kanye West’s 2013 rap song, “Send It Up?,” Well, it could. The lyrics read, “She say ‘Can you get my friends in the club?’ I say ‘Can you get my Benz in the club?'” Hear it out:

Check out the one time a lad crashed his car in a nightclub

Last year, a Kent-based nightclub made headlines when they released CCTV footage showing a 21-year-old ram his SUV into the dance-floor of the nightclub. The lad was believed to be kicked out of the nightclub ten minutes before the incident and was accused of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent. Check it out: