Photograph credit: YouTube/LandRoverMENA

Land Rover’s Latest Short Documentary Is An Ultimate Throwback To Old UAE

We gotta’ admit, any documentary or visual documentation about UAE and its past gets us excited because there are lots to learn from the struggles and achievements the country has gone through and about how people lived back in the day. Land Rover too was instrumental in their development. Check out their short documentary showing how its vehicles were an important medium of transport in the ’60s.

Dubai Municipality created stations for Land Rovers

Majed Mohammed Awwad, who’s been living in UAE since 1968, recalls the municipality setting up a designated station for Land Rovers to help transport people without any means of transportation. He said, “We got a Land Rover station from the municipality that could accommodate eight people.”

More than just a car

Judging by the looks of the old footage shown in the documentary, Dubai was still a small town with an established civilization only in the historic area of Deira. Robin Webb, an engineer who moved to the then-called Trucial States, talked about his profession allows him to drive anywhere and about living in his Land Rover. He says “So we, as engineers could go anywhere we liked. We basically lived in Land Rovers.”

Photograph credit: YouTube/LandRoverMENA

Land Rovers were the only vehicles suitable for UAE’s terrain

During a time period without roads, Awwad found Land Rovers “capable of overcoming all challenges” and its SUVs were the “only cars that could be used everywhere.” He said, “It was the only car capable of overcoming challenges.” “It was the only car that could be used everywhere and whoever owned a Land Rover was considered important”, he added.

Webb also commented on the old Land Rover SUV’s structure, finding its long wheelbase “perfectly balanced” its range of gears “fantastic.” He said “The long wheelbase Land Rover was perfectly balanced. Four wheel drive, low ratio and so you had this fantastic range of gears”. “Tyres on the Land Rover used to sing beautifully, I loved it. Great feeling of exhilaration, you’re totally free.”

Photograph credit: YouTube/LandRoverMENA