Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Latest Arab Youth Survey results will make you proud of UAE

Annual Arab Youth Survey results have come out based on statistics from 3,500 interviewees aged 18-24 years old from 16 Arab countries and UAE has topped the ranks.

UAE has been voted the best country for the seventh time

Since 2012, the country has been voted as the best Arab country for Arabs to live on the ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey. From the findings on the annual whitepapers available on the website(, it reads “The UAE sprints ahead of the pack as the country in which most young Arabs would like to live and want their countries to emulate.”

Russia has been viewed as an adversary over the US

Surprisingly, the US has slipped out of the top five allies according to the youth and Russia has made it to the top five. The top ally is UAE(37%), followed by Saudi Arabia(35%), Kuwait(22%), Russia(20%) and Egypt(19%). What’s more, the US has been part of top five allies since 2012.

Arab Springs and Daesh has taken Arab World to the wrong direction

Respondents who voted that the Arab World has headed in the wrong direction in the last ten years supported their opinion with 13 reasons, dealing with factors like war in Yemen and Syria, oil prices, financial crisis, oil prices, etc. Out of which, the top three reasons were the rise of Daesh, Arab Sring and the digital revolution. However, over the years, respondents admitted they’re confident that their national governments will be able to deal with Daesh’s threat.

Social media is the source for news than TV

Reflecting on the changing forms of news consumption, this year’s survey reveals that most young Arabs look for news on social media, followed by television, online news sources, radio, newspapers and magazines. Interestingly, in 2015, 25% of young Arabs looked up to social media for news while 60% looked up to television. Three years later, 63% of young Arabs look up to social media and 51% look up to television for news.

Strong support is there for allowing women to drive

During times like the #MeToo and ‘Time’s Up’ movements, Saudi Arabia’s monumental decision to allow women to drive comes as a revolution to their society, which has received most of the votes by young Arabs. From the findings, more than 80% of all the categories of respondents, including North Africa and GCC, support the law allowing women to drive. The law was decided by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salman.