Call of Duty

Latest Call of Duty Release Brings in $600M In Just 3 days

The latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare was released on 25th October and grossed over $600M (AED 2.2 bn) in sell-through in the first 3 days! It looks like fans of Call of Duty are over the moon that the first-person shooter game is back in action, with even more to offer!

Modern Warfare

Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available worldwide. Check out this actual in-game footage:

Modern Warfare takes gamers into an impressive reimagining of one of the most iconic series in gaming history. The Call of Duty community now gets to play together through crossplay and cross progression support, enjoying a load of new post-release content – best part: it’s free for all players on all platforms!

The energy across the community has been incredible and we can’t wait for all of our fans to play together. Modern Warfare is packed with campaign, multiplayer and co-op content; with something for everyone no matter what playstyle. And launch is just the beginning for us.”

Patrick Kelly, co-studio head and creative director at Infinity Ward

All new features

Thanks to its stand out features like unified progression across the entire game and an epic online multiplayer playground Modern Warfare is certainly making fans around the globe as happy as can be.

Players can also choose from an array of new play spaces which refine Call of Duty multiplayer. Play can be customised based on your preference and play-styles through a variety of multiplayer operators while the new Gunsmith system allows for modifications – these additions are probably in part responsible for the game’s amazing reception.

A next level experience

If you’re a single-player, you’ll get to immerse yourself in an intuitive narrative which highlights the changing nature of modern war. Special Ops mode is where players can team up in strike-teams of four. It takes the overarching Modern Warfare experience to the next level, with multiple ways to play co-op by testing your performance with weapons, munitions and other tools.

We can definitely see why this latest release of Call of Duty has managed to bring in over $600M and counting! But if you’re a fan, just remember to take a break from gaming from time to time after this lad died during a six hour gaming stint!

By Hayley Malan